The Elijah Project – A Program by Extreme Love Ministries

Rescuing children and other victims of human trafficking

Human traffickers target the most vulnerable members of society. Most at risk are children, the poor, and those with little or no education. In Cambodia, many such persons live in one of the many slum communities of Phnom Penh, the capitol city.

The Elijah Project was conceived as a tool of Extreme Love Ministries to effectively rescue the victims of human trafficking, or to intercept those who are about to being trafficked, and transition them into restoration.

Here is a breakdown of the holistic child protection services performed by the Elijah Team:

  • End child labor and sexual exploitation
  • Stop family violence involving children
  • Locate victims of human trafficking and initiate rescue efforts
  • Track missing persons cases, especially those involving children
  • Conduct community training initiatives
  • safety assessments for high risk cases
  • Build capacity for police and government agencies where possible

Lots of ministries and other organizations are involved in rescue work these days, and this is encouraging. But if the proper groundwork is not done first, many victims of human trafficking end up back in the same situation again—or worse—and become more traumatized and distrusting of others than ever before.

That’s why the Elijah Team painstakingly investigates every case in advance, with the assistance of local police and government officials. This is necessary to make sure rescued victims are not forced to return to those—often parents or other relatives—who exploited them in the first place. Equally important, rescued individuals need new homes where they feel safe, counseling and medical care to deal with past traumas, and lots of love to restore the deeply damaged image of God within them. It takes time and resources to see individuals become truly restored, so victims who are rescued without such commitment never fully heal. Many of them, sadly, never receive this critical follow-up work.

Join the Elijah Team today so that together we can rescue and restore more children and other exploited individuals!

Consider becoming a partner with Operation Love Global, a non profit in Ramona, CA championing to end human trafficking. Funds donated will help meet immediate needs such as food and sponsoring children’s education for the at-risk in slum communities, missionary support & so much more. To donate, click the button that says make it a monthly donation using this link