Mission Trips

Called by God to love and help bring freedom to the at-risk and enslaved across the world.

Annual Mission Trip

Brenda Herr has been traveling on short-term mission trips since 2015 and plans on going annually. Between 2015 and 2023, she has gone on 8 trips to Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam. Most of the mission trip costs include flights, lodging, meals, outreach costs such as food distribution and taking the rescued Hope House kids on an outing, giving donations to missionaries and VISA. While there she works directly with our partner Extreme Love Ministries in anti-trafficking projects that aid prevention and aftercare. If there is a rescue while she is on-ground, Brenda is part of the nurturing, gaining trust and loving the child back to life. 

Under the prevention project, while on-ground we do various outreaches within the slum communities to meet immediate needs like food, shoes, or hygiene distributions. During these outreaches we go through the community to connect with individuals to pray, find out if any children have been abandoned and are at risk for abduction, and learn if there are any traffickers soliciting children or women. If there is a trafficking situation, the ELIJAH rescue team gets involved.  Also, we spend time with our education sponsored children giving them gifts. We learn how the families are doing, the safety and well being of the children, and how they’re doing in school. These are just a couple of the things we do within prevention.

A couple things under the aftercare projects we do are visit with the EL ladies and Hope House kids who were formerly enslaved. During visits with EL Ladies, we encourage them, sometimes visit with their families in their homes, pray with them, and treat them with lunch or ice cream.

Mission trip costs include flights, lodging, meals, daily transportation, outreach costs such as food distribution and taking the rescued Hope House kids on an outing, giving donations to missionaries, and VISA.


Donations Goal

  • Mission Trip Cost: $3,800
  • Monthly Goal: $320


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We are a non-profit that raises money to help fund projects that reach children & women who desperately need rescued from the heinous acts of human trafficking. We also give to the ones who work tirelessly to end this darkness, and help fund our mission trips.