My name is Molula Matoba, I am 26 years old. I am originally from Lesotho, a country in Southern Africa, but I am currently living in Cambodia serving with Extreme Love Ministries. I am a certified Farming God’s Way trainer and certified Moringa for Life advocate.

As the Farming Manager for Extreme Love Ministries, my work involves the planning and developing of farming projects.  At present, I am currently teaching our Hope House children how to produce food by planting organic vegetables in raised garden beds.  Some of my favorite moments are sharing with them the importance of prayer and trusting God with the growth of the seeds that were planted.

My heart is for the rural poor, and I am very passionate about teaching people about farming.  In the future, I hope to provide training to Cambodian farmers believing that by training others using Farming God’s Way principles we can help fight human trafficking by providing those living in poverty the knowledge to raise organic crops to ensure a sustainable income.

Sustainable farming can play a big role in saving young girls from being trafficked and/or from being forced to work in bars and in prostitution as a way to help support their families. Some of girls working in the bars come from poor rural farming communities. I believe being able to provide farming skills to Cambodian farmers will not only aid in harvesting good healthy crops but also in protecting lives.  We have met some girls working in bars who have expressed the desire for a different life style.  Some of the girls said they would like to be chefs, coffee shop owners, hairdressers, and some would love to return to their home in the province to farm their land with their families.

Extreme Love desires to open a coffee shop as a social enterprise.  Our goal will be to one day provide the coffee shop with organic coffee, vegetables, and moringa leaves from our own farm and from our partnerships with Cambodian farmers.  The coffee shop will also be a way to provide jobs, training, and discipleship.