Hope House – A Program by Extreme Love Ministries

Protecting Children is our first priority

Children are the most vulnerable members of society. And those living in the slums or streets of Cambodia are among the most vulnerable of all. For that reason we are always watching for abused, exploited or trafficked children. That’s a primary goal of our ongoing strategy of building relationships in these communities. When we do find a child who is at extreme risk, we seek solutions within the context of their family. Can we mentor families to better care for their members, as God designed for them to do?

Sin and brokenness make this impossible at times. In such places dysfunction, addiction and spiritual darkness are deeply rooted. Our last option is to rescue that child by bringing her or him out of that situation and into a place of safety. To ensure lasting success, we partner with government officials, social workers, and other frontline ministries like our own.

Hope House is a small, family-style children’s home that gives hope to rescued children. Many were once trafficked, or have undergone extreme sexual abuse or exploitation. Many also have a physical or intellectual disability. Some disabilities are due to the abuse they received before their rescue. If we cannot meet the special needs of a certain child, or they are not a good, long-term fit with the other kids at Hope House, we place them in the home of a partner ministry. We continue to track their wellbeing, even after we place them elsewhere.

Many do not understand children with disabilities, and many cultures undervalue them. Some even consider them a curse. But every life has value! And we believe physical, emotional and spiritual restoration is possible, even for those with greater disabilities.

Hope House provides the necessary counseling, education, medical, and daily-care needs. Our goal is to bring freedom and healing, so each child can be redefined in his or her God-given identity and purpose.

Consider becoming a partner with Operation Love Global, a non profit in Ramona, CA championing to end human trafficking. Funds donated will help meet immediate needs such as food and sponsoring children’s education for the at-risk in slum communities, missionary support & so much more. To donate, click the button that says make it a monthly donation using this link http://ow.ly/ewSs50Ka3FG.