Education Empowerment is a program that Extreme Love Ministries runs. Here is more information:

“Every child has the right to an EDUCATION & education changes lives. The Education Empowerment Program gets kids in school & is life changing for children living in the slums and street-dwelling communities of Phnom Penh.

As we build relationships with families in these marginal communities, we meet scores of children not in school. Public education is free in Cambodia, but most families living in poverty cannot afford uniforms, school supplies, and tutors (required for passing tests). Likewise, many of these families require their children to work long days begging, collecting recyclables, or scavenging to earn money for the family. These children easily become victims of abuse, exploitation and trafficking, or end up in gangs or addicted to drugs.

Poverty is a major cause of human trafficking because it compels many desperate parents or family members to sell their children. That poverty also feeds corrupt behaviors like thieving, gambling, drug use and prostitution. The lack of education and training perpetuates poverty.

Education opens minds to possibilities and windows to opportunity, and is the best way to protect children. That’s why poor, at-risk communities need education assistance.

But there’s more. The Education Empowerment Program also disciples kids to know Jesus. And that’s the best education of all!”

Consider becoming a partner with Operation Love Global, a non profit in Ramona, CA championing to end human trafficking. Funds donated will help meet immediate needs such as food and sponsoring children’s education for the at-risk in slum communities, missionary support & so much more. To donate, click the button that says make it a monthly donation using this link