Meet Amy Learn

My name is Amy Learn and I’m originally from a small town in Iowa. I moved to Cambodia in 2012 after completing a mission school in Mozambique, where the Lord broke my heart for the people of Cambodia and launched me into full time ministry. The year prior, I traveled the world for 11 months partnering with different ministries in each nation, and I spent two of those months in Thailand and Cambodia. I had shared with the Lord I had no desire to live in Southeast Asia nor was I strong enough to work with women coming out of exploited backgrounds, because those were challenging months for me.

Never say never to God. After I finished the mission school, I went on a scouting trip with a team to Thailand and Cambodia for a few weeks. God met me there and opened my heart. As soon as I stepped on the ground in Phnom Penh, I knew I would be moving there. I came home, packed up my things, and moved two months later…that was almost 10 years ago!

Before I move into full time missions, I worked for 4 years as an animator for different television, internet, and video projects. Then I worked for 4 years as a high school animation teacher working with children that had learning challenges. I gained many skills while working there that I have used in my ministry in Cambodia.

In Cambodia, I oversee training and discipleship for the Everlasting Love (EL) social business. I work daily to mentor and supervise women coming from broken and exploited backgrounds. My heart is to see lives transformed and to love persons to life by cultivating an atmosphere of healing and restoration.

When I started working with the women over 7 years ago, it was extremely hard to break through some of the walls of protection they had up. One woman in particular wouldn’t even move when I hugged her, she would stand stiff. She was so closed off, but God began to break down her walls. It took years before she put her arms around me when we hugged, but when that happened it was an extremely special moment; I cried. I have learned so much about love because of these women.


We had a woman who had been trafficked to Thailand for farm labor, but she was never paid for the work they did. They escaped in the night and fled back to Cambodia. While running away she had cut her foot on something that infected her whole foot. We would clean the wounds daily and pray for healing over her foot. We watched the infection decrease and each day it was better and better. She was almost 100% healed before she left the program.

One day, this same woman shared with me that she went to the market and didn’t have enough money to buy food. She prayed that God would provide for his child. She opened her wallet to get money and there was Thai baht, Thai currency, in her wallet! She knew God had answered her prayers and was paying her back for a portion of what was lost.

We had one woman, who was addicted to drugs and alcohol. It was hard for her to be in our program, but she knew we loved her. She went back into old habits and was put in jail for two years. A few months ago, she was released, and she is no longer addicted to drugs or alcohol. She has moved away from the former life and has become a garbage collector to help care for her two children. She is amazing and wants to return to our program! We release them to the Lord and trust him with their lives, and sometimes they come back!

Our women are very prophetic and have dreams and visions. One day, one of the girls had shared a dream she had that two women came to share with us for bible study and she knew what they shared. The following day, there was an unexpected group that stopped by. Two women walked into the center, and she screamed. She recognized them from the dream the night before. She even knew which one was sharing the Word. It was an encouragement to her!

The women who have little children are able to bring them to the center and our team watches over them while the women work. Some women working in prostitution would leave their children in the communities while they went to work, which left the children vulnerable. We provide a safe space for the kids to play, learn about Jesus, and get help with their studies. We also do community visits to meet the needs of their families.

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