An update from The Exodus Road – “A shadowy social media profile operating under a pseudonym in the Philippines made a promise: for the right price, I can get you sexual services from young girls. Law enforcement found the profile and asked The Exodus Road to investigate. Our team immediately went undercover to message the trafficker. Posing as buyers, they arranged a meeting at a hotel.

When they got to the hotel, they were met outside by 2 teenage girls and 1 woman who were being trafficked. Wielding social media as a weapon, the trafficker had used online platforms to recruit and groom them. Now, through manipulation and psychological control, this abuser was keeping the girls restricted to the hotel and the area immediately around it.

A government social worker was present to reassure these survivors that they wouldn’t be forced into sex with strangers anymore. They would be cared for by government aftercare services. They were free to leave the hotel where they’d been exploited. The Exodus Road’s team provided food for them as a tangible source of care.

Meanwhile, the trafficker realized what was happening and escaped. But law enforcement has all of the evidence that The Exodus Road gathered about this shadowy social media abuser. They will continue to pursue them until they are brought to justice.”

Consider becoming a partner with Operation Love Global, a non profit in Ramona, CA championing to end human trafficking. Funds donated will help meet immediate needs such as food and sponsoring children’s education for the at-risk in slum communities, missionary support & so much more. To donate, click the button that says make it a monthly donation using this link

Image featured is a representative picture, not an actual rescue