An incredible update from The Exodus Road

Through their extensive network of partners, The Exodus Road’s team in India heard about Omala,* a 15-year-old girl from Bangladesh. A known trafficker was going to move her to a brothel.

The team had been in previous contact with the trafficker to gather all of the information they could about how he operated. That patient undercover communication meant that the trafficker told The Exodus Road’s team as soon as he moved the 15-year-old girl to begin selling her for sex. Immediately, the team notified police, and together they moved on the brothel.

Omala had been lured there by false job promises and kept there through manipulation and abuse. She spent 18 hours trapped inside the brothel — but thanks to The Exodus Road’s team in India, she didn’t have to spend a single hour longer in that place. A social worker gently guided her into aftercare services.

Meanwhile, police arrested the trafficker. The brothel is shut down, and the trafficker is facing 10 to 14 years in prison in addition to a heavy fine. Thank you for making freedom possible for girls like Omala!

*Representative name used to protect her privacy.